The Artist

Getting Ideas for the Design

Sea Glass Inspiration

My studio is called the Waters Edge because in my minds eye I always see the early morning light on the water as it lapped the beach edge.  My sister, Nita, and I daily walked the beach.  Nita searched for soft shell crabs while I gathered shells, rocks, and bits of drift wood.  That early love of things natural and beautiful and the awe it created in me of God’s Power and Grace prompts me to create. 

When making jewelry I recall the action of the waves and current on the objects I found along the waters edge and that memory propels me to  hammer, roll print, saw and solder metal.  I try to recreate the impressions of those early experiences.  The metal is sometimes adorned with precious and semi-precious stones enhancing the play of light on and through the artwork.

The journey in learning how to create jewelry started with simple stringing.  What fun to align shapes, colors, and textures into beautiful objects that could be worn and enjoyed by the owner.  Then a series of classes at the McLean Art Center, Peoria Art Guild, Illinois State University with Dennis French and the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts have inspired me to experiment with new techniques and materials.

Painting and teaching are other areas of my creative life.